Close to the end, seasons pass me by

I haven’t done much in the way of writing about my work since I started Soap Bubbles. I am prone to, and therefore loathe, the artist’s habitual navel-gazing, where writing about one’s work supplants the work itself. Don’t swim in the tide, Bruno. You’ll be swept under, spit out and swept under again. Kick at the surf instead.

Pardon me while I splash about a bit.

A novel

Earlier this year, I finished a very rough draft of a novel I started in earnest last fall. In itself, this was unprecedented. But I’m nearing the last dozen pages of edits and can say now, a year later, I have something closer in meaning to the word I’ve used to describe it: It’s a story now. The second draft will tell whether or not it’s a good story, but it’s a story nonetheless. The scraps and fragments are pasted together. Now I’ll try to hide the glue.

In part, the tedium of revision is what drove me to start Soap Bubbles. I’d rather be writing than editing, and I didn’t want to start another story until the first one was done. I’ve done photo prompts in the past. I love musty old books and magazines. I’ve been happy with the formula so far. It’s been nice to stretch that muscle again while I scribble mean things to myself in the margins of the draft. Along the way, I believe I’ve discovered a few new voices to use in the book where old ones are stale.

Above all, perhaps, it’s nice to be read. I truly appreciate everyone’s likes and comments, and have been drawn in and inspired by the work of many other writers on WordPress, particularly those others using the “Flash Fiction” tag.

A(nother) storyblog

As I begin the second draft of the novel, I’ll soon have a different project to share this one complete. My wife and I have been working on a series of all-ages webcomics and short stories for the past couple of years, and with several months of material stocked up, we’re going to launch sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Generally, I write and she draws, but we’re both very invested in the worlds we’ve created, so there’s some artistic smearing about the edges.

So things have been a bit slow here as a result. As I get to the next phase of each project – the rewrite and the launch – I’ll continue the prompts here as a warmup exercise.

Almost there, he says, as another year slips by.

4 thoughts on “Close to the end, seasons pass me by

  1. Good luck with revising. I feel your pain.

    I misread the sentence “Along the way, I believe I’ve discovered a few new voices to use in the book” as “discovered a few new vices to use” and thought that would be pretty useful, indeed. Stir it up a bit.

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